Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Amethyst – Brazilian Food

While researching the metaphysical properties of Amethyst, (I was born February 14th), I came upon many helpful websites, which expanded my knowledge of this beautiful and charming birthstone, as well as my culinary knowledge of Brazilian cuisine. Remember, Amethyst comes mostly from Brazil, where everyone loves to dance, drink, and especially eat.

Brazilian cuisine includes an eclectic variety of foods from a many countries, Germany, Middle East, Africa and even Japan. Alligator meat, called picadinho de jacaré, is a regional favorite and apparently scrumptious and delightful. Pine nuts called pinhão are often mixed with different traditional foods prepared from the locals of southern Brazil and those dishes take on a completely new identity when mixed in. The Portuguese and Indians brought their own essence to the Brazilian recipes. And when the Africans came along, they added some more unique flavors to the exotic dishes.

New generations of modern Brazilian chefs are adding new techniques into their kitchens, everyday. For example, some add tropical fruits to their dishes, such as mango, coconut milk, and papaya. Mmm!

Below, please find links to my favorite recipes on the Food Network. I am sure you will find many more unique recipes that you try for your family.

By the way, Amethyst in Greek means “without alcohol.” So some of its metaphysical properties will only be awakened when we avoid alcohol during the month of February. Good luck, with that.

In Portuguese - Bom Apetite!

By Tulay Lawton


  1. Yummy pictures and I would love to try picadinho de jacaré! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your welcome. I enjoyed researching it!