Thursday, February 18, 2010

Amethyst- Brazilian Fashion

Being one of the main sources for February’s birth stone, the amethyst, this week we are focusing on the fashion and trends that are currently coming out of Brazil.

Fashion in Brazil is often linked to provocative styling and minimalistic beach-wear, many of us conjuring up thoughts of Carnivale costumes and string bikinis. Recently, however, Brazil has been gaining recognition from the fashion industry. January 2010 brought two major fashion events to Brazil, Rio Fashion Week in Rio de Janeiro and Brazil Fashion week in Sao Paulo. Designers all from all over the world descended on these South American hot spots for two weeks of couture and sophistication.

Rio Fashion Week

A fun color palette of shades of oranges, blues, creams and grays, mixed with interesting textures composed the innovative and fashion forward collection of Melk Z-Da.

In contrast to the softer colors of Melk Z-Da is Cantao’s 2010 Fall/Winter collection, full of bright colors and bold prints.

Giulia Borges’ collection was a dream in black and white.

Brazil (Sao Paulo) Fashion Week

Like Cantao, Alexandre Herchcovitch picks up on the rising trend of gyspy-esque styling, referred to as “Gypset”.

The outdoor runway was the perfect showcase for Maria Bonita’s breezy collection.

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